Adult classes provide a fun and satisfying way to improve muscle tone, flexibility, and coordination as well as improving dance technique. We tailor each session to the individual class needs, so there will always be a class for you.



This beginner level is for adults who have a basic understanding of the foundations of ballet. These concepts are incorporated into a full ballet class with exercises at the barre, in the center and moving across the floor. The core emphasis of this level will be on understanding and improve proper alignment, posture, rotation, and flexibility. Dancers will also expand their ballet vocabulary while learning new movements and positions



This is the perfect level for dancers who are serious about their training and have many years of experience in ballet. This class will move at a much quicker pace, offering complex combinations both at the barre and in the center. Dancers will be exposed to more advanced and diverse exercises, challenging them to elevate their level of training while still maintaining a strong focus on their core ballet technique. At this level, dancers should begin to explore and develop their artistry, musicality, and epaulement.

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