Prima ballet was formed in  early 2005 and Lauren has dedicated her life to her since then. A commitment to excellence, a spirited attack and a willingness to take risks have defined Prima ballet from its earliest days, both onstage and off. Prima ballet continues to bring excellence into Ballet, aspiring her students to become better each day. During the 11 years of life, Prima ballet has taught and nourished many dancers to become inspired, intelligent, creative artists who are well-equipped to become better in life.


Lauren was inducted to the world of dancing at the age of 3 at her local Youth Club in Guangzhou, China. By the time she was admitted to the Guangdong Dance Academy at the age of 10, she was already a seasoned dancer performing solos and leads for her school and the dance club she belonged. At the Academy, she underwent a six-year regiment of training for professional ballerinas. Upon graduation in 1999, she was recruited by one of the top ballet troupes in China, the Guangdong Ballet Company, where she did over 100 performances a year of classical repertoires such as “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Giselle”, and ballet interpretations of “Butterfly Lovers”, “Yellow River”. She went on tours with the Company to Taiwan, USA.



Prima Ballet is Lauren’s aspiration in life. She believes it is her calling to teach, to popularize ballet as an art form, not only to train more professional dancers, but also to involve dance enthusiasts of all ages and sizes. The language of ballet is readily related to other dance forms, and therefore a foundation for any behavior arts or artistic sports. ​


We believe in small classes so that each student is given the personal attention unique to their understanding of the movements. The goal is to guide her students to uncover their individual artistic potentials. Through structured and proper training, ballet is possible for everyone, every age and everybody.​


Our training program caters to the needs of students of different skill levels (professional, semi-professional, amateur) and dance styles. We run RAD curriculum for all levels, including teachers’ certification, leading to accreditation by the Royal Academy of Dance. We have classical and contemporary ballet repertoire classes. ​


Here at the Academy I believe that dance, especially ballet, gives children an experience in movement that goes far beyond the art itself. I have seen it bring confidence, self-satisfaction, and creativity to children’s lives. I believe in a kind, yet disciplined approach to classical ballet for dancers of all ages and skill levels.